Dürer e il Rinascimento: a lavish exhibition in Milan

The aim of the exhibition, curated by Prof. Bernard Aikema, is to present the great figure of Albrecht Dürer for the very first time not only to the Milanese public, but also to Italian and international audiences. Losingmyhair couldn’t miss this very special occasion and just like the painter has flown to Italy!

Dürer visited Italy – Venice and probably Bologna – once or maybe twice. His engagement with Italian art and ideas sums up one of the most sublime episodes of the visual culture of the European Renaissance, which arose in the exchange between the German world (not limited to Dürer) and northern Italy between the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

These relationships are illustrated in the exhibition through a series of comparisons between Dürer’s pictorial and graphic works and highly significant works from northern Italy and the Po Valley – some known and others rarely seen – by artists ranging from Solario to Bartolomeo Veneto, Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Giorgione and many others.

Among them, three works by Leonardo da Vinci, the Saint Jerome from the Vatican Museums and two breathtaking drawings, one of which owned by Her Majesty the Queen and normally kept away from public view at Windsor Castle.

Worthwhile flying to the land where lemons grow…

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