Can’t help loving Le Marche

I am always very jealous of my top five restaurants in London but I can’t help sharing this special place with you. Some years ago, I spent a beautiful vacation in one of Italy’s hidden gem, Le Marche region… and it was love at first sight!


Imagine beautiful landscapes, sloped hill medieval towns, Crivelli’s altarpieces timidly hold back in small churches and a deeply traditional food – blessed with bounty from the mountains, farmland and sea. Needless to say, my hair was wonderful.

Happily, you can taste a piece of Le Marche in London too, at Rossodisera restaurant.

FullSizeRender 11

Handily located near Covent Garden’s theatreland, Rossodisera restaurant is done up like a typical Italian country house (the wall are tiled with ancient red bricks directly from Le Marche). With traditional products sourced from small producers in Le Marche. You can try olive all’ascolana here, along with prosciutto, fettuccine with goose sauce, roast lamb with garlic and rosemary served with artichoke casserole, and oven-roasted stuffed rabbit.

There’s a great selection of drinks too, including Varnelli Anice Secco, a special liquor, ideal to have your Caffè Corretto!

There is place in London where Le Marche really shines…

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