A Kate Middleton “Royal 29” please!!

I spent my Friday evening in bed with my favorite TV series, Downtown Abbey of course, and Lady Mary and Lady Edith suggested me to have lunch at Rules today.


In Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, Rules was opened in 1789 by Thomas Rules and began as an oyster bar, it immediately earned an instant and starting success, praised by all writers of the time. Over the years the great and good of British society have entertained here – from Royal family and politicians to stars of stage and screen.


The atmosphere you can feel at Rules is magic… you feel at once in both countryside and city, a perfect combination of ultimately nostalgic comfort food tasting and downright luxurious service. It’s always a unique experience.


You will choose a great variety of dishes, any of which is sure to make you feel at home (at Downtown Abbey… maybe). But this isn’t simply home cooking… I love to start with Fines de Claires oysters and follow with a tasty and season pie or pud.

And don’t forget… Rules is indeed a good place to have your drink… a Kate Middleton “Royal 29” maybe.


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