BlueMonday?! No … Happy Thursday …

Millions of people watched Downton Abbey so religiously for a simpler reason: because there is always a place for things that are #classic! Jane Austen novels will never go out of style. Neither will Oscar Wilde or Evelyn Waugh.

Ready for the emotion of feeling like Lady Grantham for one day  (or Lady Mary, if you prefer dark brown hair) in the Great Library created by the famous 18th-century Scottish architect Robert Adam?!


If you are in the mood for style, for something classic and timeless my advice is to go to Hampstead Heath and visit beautiful Kenwood House, the London’s Georgian hidden gem, surrounded by tranquil landscape gardens

At any time of year, you will be warmly welcomed. Shut down your stress! Your hair will show the world you are perfectly happy!

… the entrance is free (clear!! we are in UK) so please, don’t forget to make your donation …

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