Bright your day with Winnie the Pooh

In the collections of the V&A, among ceramics, glass, textiles, costumes, silver, ironwork, jewellery, furniture and sculpture, you can find Shepard’s original drawings of Winnie the Pooh, the most adored fiction character of all time.

No doubt these delicate drawings  deserve to be on display in a museum: in 2014 one of the most famous images of Winnie the Pooh was sold for £314,500 at Sotheby’s, three times its estimate! 


English author A.A. Milne (who passed away on 31st January 1956) named the character Winnie-the-Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin

Visit the unmissable exhibition Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic. The dearest chubby bear of very little brain can really bright your day!

Can’t help loving Le Marche

I am always very jealous of my top five restaurants in London but I can’t help sharing this special place with you. Some years ago, I spent a beautiful vacation in one of Italy’s hidden gem, Le Marche region… and it was love at first sight!


Imagine beautiful landscapes, sloped hill medieval towns, Crivelli’s altarpieces timidly hold back in small churches and a deeply traditional food – blessed with bounty from the mountains, farmland and sea. Needless to say, my hair was wonderful.

Happily, you can taste a piece of Le Marche in London too, at Rossodisera restaurant.

FullSizeRender 11

Handily located near Covent Garden’s theatreland, Rossodisera restaurant is done up like a typical Italian country house (the wall are tiled with ancient red bricks directly from Le Marche). With traditional products sourced from small producers in Le Marche. You can try olive all’ascolana here, along with prosciutto, fettuccine with goose sauce, roast lamb with garlic and rosemary served with artichoke casserole, and oven-roasted stuffed rabbit.

There’s a great selection of drinks too, including Varnelli Anice Secco, a special liquor, ideal to have your Caffè Corretto!

There is place in London where Le Marche really shines…

An extraordinary collection of antiquities

Sir John Soane’s advice was not to visit his extraordinary collection of antiquities in case of bad weather, because clouds, fog and the grey light of the city would have spoiled all the exquisite hues and magical effects of mirrors, stained glasses and colour patterns within his house.



The house at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields in fact offered no possibility to allow light into the internal spaces through a conventional window. These restrictions saw Soane design a series of roof lanterns – known as lumiére mystérieuse – that provided him with the possibility of letting luminescence through a space along a flank wall, reflecting it into the interior, and illuminating objects on display in a dramatic way: he wanted to recreate the souther Italian light!

The distinguished British architect John Soane (1753-1837) has transformed and influenced the way we look at and experience spaces through the modulation of light and views.


Our suggestion? No matter the weather, go and experience a real emotional challenge!

A garden of pleasure…

Housed in the ancient church of St Mary-at-Lambeth, the oldest structure in the London Borough of Lambeth, there is the Museum of Garden History to celebrate British gardens and gardening.

FullSizeRender 4

Thankfully to Rosemary Nicholson who was the driving force behind the salvation of this hidden gem we can still admire both the church and its treasuries. Shocked to discover the church in readiness for demolition, she established the Tradescant Trust to rescue and repair the church converted into the world’s first Museum of Garden History. 

In the churchyard of St Mary’s, there is still the magnificent tomb of both John Tradescant the Elder and his son the younger, naturalists, collectors, travelers and gardeners of many English royal family members (such as Henrietta Maria “the rose and lily queen” of Charles I).

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

A garden of pleasure for you…

A Kate Middleton “Royal 29” please!!

I spent my Friday evening in bed with my favorite TV series, Downtown Abbey of course, and Lady Mary and Lady Edith suggested me to have lunch at Rules today.


In Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, Rules was opened in 1789 by Thomas Rules and began as an oyster bar, it immediately earned an instant and starting success, praised by all writers of the time. Over the years the great and good of British society have entertained here – from Royal family and politicians to stars of stage and screen.


The atmosphere you can feel at Rules is magic… you feel at once in both countryside and city, a perfect combination of ultimately nostalgic comfort food tasting and downright luxurious service. It’s always a unique experience.


You will choose a great variety of dishes, any of which is sure to make you feel at home (at Downtown Abbey… maybe). But this isn’t simply home cooking… I love to start with Fines de Claires oysters and follow with a tasty and season pie or pud.

And don’t forget… Rules is indeed a good place to have your drink… a Kate Middleton “Royal 29” maybe.

Thai food… Healty hair

Not only is Thai food delicious, but it is also really healthy!

patara 1.jpg

Low in fat, gluten-free and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, it is the perfect food to boost your immune system, aid weight loss and give your energy.

Patara, Maddox Street, with its chic décor and fragrant green curries, is the ideal place for your spicy meal. Eating plenty of iron and lean protein is pertinent to hair growth and maintaining strong, healthy locks. What’s more? Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron, so eating Thai food will double the pleasure!

Street-haunting: A London Adventure

It’s my day off today and to escape is the greatest of my pleasures; street haunting in winter the greatest of adventures! Have you ever walked along a street and imagined the lives of the strangers that you pass? 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Lose yourself following the “Mrs Dalloway’s walk” and spend your day in street-haunting.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

This was Virginia Woolf favourite sport! To walk alone in London is the greatest rest, dipping in and out of people’s minds as they move through the city’s crowded streets.


Let’s followed her advice, on the day of her birthday… .

Gianni & the City

Style icon Gianni Agnelli, or “L’Avvocato” as he was nicknamed, was a man of impeccable elegance. His legendary silver grey hair gave him charisma and charm which indeed made him one of the most stylish Italian men who ever lived.


When in London, he loved shopping! Nothing suits a man better than a tie and he knew it. His favourite place was Turnbull & Asser in Jermyn Street, where he could find a wide range of silk and wool ties to add something to his exquisite and perfect wardrobe, partly created by the famous Huntsman of London in Savile Row (of course!!).


avvocato11 hunt.jpg

15 years after his death let’s celebrate this unsurpassed bon vivant, raising a glass of champagne at Claridge’s Bar, in the hotel where Agnelli always wanted to stay and which remains the gold standard for London luxury hotels since opening its doors in 1856 in Mayfair.

Claridges Fumoir 4_54aeb71e7a833.jpg


My beloved London hidden gem

Mayfair. A place where you can lose your hair, for sure. But also, a bunch of gems that can feed your sick and tired soul. Few steps away the “big city life”, in a slice of heaven between Green Park and Bond Street, there’s Mount Street Gardens, a public garden arose on a former burial ground and taking its name from the “Oliver’s Mount”, a fortification built under the English Civil War.


Mount Street Gardens is not a place to cross by. Hidden between mansions and the Church of the Immaculate Conception, this is the place where you can have your personal epiphany or just relax contemplating the huge rearing horse placed in the middle of the garden (at the end of the day, this is the place where Johnathan Reyes Mayers confesses to his friend his affair with Scarlett Johansson in Match Point by Woody Allen).


Choose your bench, read words carved on them in memory of people who used to sit there, sit down and breathe. Listen the silence and smell the scent of the ground after a raining day.

Then you hair will magically re-start growing!

Happy Birthday Lord Byron

22nd January, Happy Birthday Lord Byron! Let’s pay homage to one of the leading figures of the Romantic Movement in early 19th century England. The green plaque to Lord Byron’s birth place is attached to the John Lewis store on the south west side of Holles Street, just north of the junction with Oxford Street.


Byron, they say, was obsessed with his weight. He was terrified of becoming fat and said he would rather “not exist” than be large! He was also very keen about his own hair, often offering locks as a memento. Though a new book claims that what Byron often send was only a lock of fur from his pet newfoundland dog Boatswain. 

byron lock.jpg

By the way, in the past a lock of his hair was sold at London auctioneer Bonhams for a little fortune. Byron gave the five-inch twist of brown hair, tied in a loop with a green silk thread, to a fellow student, John Fitzgibbon, for whom he had developed an idealized love…